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Host Name to IP Address
For a given host name this utility will use DNS to look up the IP address. If an IP address is found, an attempt will be made to locate the country in which the IP address was allocated.
IP Address to Host Name
For a given IP address this utility will interrogate the machine using that IP address to find out its host name. If the given IP address, an attempt will be made to locate the country in which the IP address was allocated.
Microsoft Internet Explorer cannot access secure (SSL) web sites
After installing Windows updates in October 2012, some secure web sites cannot be accessed. The Windows update was made available in October 2012 for automatic Windows updates for Windows/XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8.
Flushing DNS tables in Windows
Windows does not always honour the time-to-live (TTL) for DNS records. This can mean that a host than has moved from on server to another is not found as Windows continues to keep the DNS information about the old IP address of the host name. To force Windows to refresh its host name to IP address tables, the Windows DNS tables need to be flushed.
What is an ?net?
Find out the difference between an Internet, Intranet and Extranet.
See how long a LINUX computer has been running since it was last booted.
Find files on a LINUX computer
Job Control
Useful commands and techniques to control LINUX jobs
List last login time for all users on a LINUX system
List login and logouts of various users on a LINUX system
Crontab and %
How to use % in a crontab entry and for it to be used as the text character % and not a new line character
Convert Base64 Encoded Data
Convert Base64 Encoded data to ASCII and vice versa. Also convert Base64 Encoded data to EBCDIC
Syndication of data from a web site
Understanding how modern encryption and decryption works
MSIE Download text file
How to get around the problem with MSIE downloading, and not viewing, plain text files
ISO 9001
An overview of the ISO 9001 quality management systems standard
An overview of which party's terms and conditions applies to a contract
Show a calendar for any year from 1 AD to 9999 AD with interesting information about Julian and Gregorian calendars
Details of some useful qpsmtpd plugins
BT Not Accepting Emails to @btinternet.com and @btopenworld.com addresses
Details on why BT is rejecting legitimate e-mails to its customers
Yahoo! Delays E-mail
Details on why Yahoo! can delay e-mails to its customers
Other E-mail delays
An explanation of why some emails take a long time to be delivered
Obfuscate E-mail Address
How to hide an e-mail address, on a web page, from spam robots that harvest e-mail addresses
When E-mails from Companies are Spam
What a company may consider to be a friendly or helpful e-mail can be classified as spam and breach of the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003.
Short URLs
Convert a long URL into a much shorter URL so that it does not wrap in an e-mail message
Dreamweaver Problems
Some easily solved Dreamweaver problems
Generate a QR Code
Generate a bar code that can be read by a mobile phone with a QR Code reader app

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