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Yahoo! Delays Emails
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Response from Yahoo! regarding them continually delaying all email from a server.


Thank you for contacting Yahoo! Customer Care.

After looking into the issue, it appears that your emails may have become deprioritized due to a number of potential issues with your mailings. To continue to receive prioritized delivery, we recommend ensuring that your email lists are well maintained. If you conform to industry standard practices, then you will not be deprioritized and you should see improvements in delivery times as well as available connections.

Please visit the following URL for information on improving list maintenance:




      <Solving DNS & Email Server Validation Problems>

The above help page lists several techniques and technologies that will help you to effectively maintain your email lists. If you are not conforming to these standards, then you will likely experience significant delays in connections, as our system automatically prioritizes connection availability based on the type of information contained in this FAQ. By trying the basic suggestions listed on the help page, you can potentially:

  • decrease your cost of mailings -- in bandwidth, hardware, AND management.
  • increase the effectiveness of your mailings -- nonexistent users can't open your mail or respond to your offers!
  • increase the speed of your delivery -- mails sent to large numbers of nonexistent users can definitely impact the time it takes for you to deliver your important messages.

Plus, you'll ensure that your messages are prioritized by our delivery system which helps us differentiate you from spammers.

You may want to send a plain text, test email, without HTML, links, graphics, attachments, etc. to Yahoo! Mail in order to verify what may be filtered as unacceptable by our Spamguard software. You may be rejected due to content, violating policy issues.

Let us know the outcome, does plain text email go directly to Bulk Folder?

This information will be helpful to you in determining the reason why you are having issues when delivering mail to Yahoo! Mail accounts. Once your configuration is verified correct and your have reviewed mailing practices reply to this email with current IP and mail server domain name so we can verify proper mail delivery to Yahoo! Mail folders.

Thank you again for contacting Yahoo! Customer Care.


Yahoo! Customer Care - Mail Investigations http://abuse.yahoo.com

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Last Updated: Monday, 04-Feb-2019
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