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The is a list of some strange occurrences in Dreamweaver and hints on how to get around them.

DREAMWEAVER caused an invalid page fault in module DREAMWEAVER.EXE
Dreamweaver V3 running under Windows 98 can fall over with the message DREAMWEAVER caused an invalid page fault in module DREAMWEAVER.EXE when opening a webpage for editing with Dreamweaver. There are probably many reasons why this failure should occur, but one reason is that a style sheet has errors. To see if this is likely, use notepad to edit the web page and change any line that looks like <link href="/mystyle.css" rel=stylesheet"> so that the href value is that of a none existent file. If the problem goes away, it is likely that the style sheet is at fault. In my case the problem was nesting comments (which is not permitted) using "/* */" e.g.

	982e93	Mauve  152  46 147
	80cfe3	Cyan   128 207 227
	29827a  Green   41 130 122   /* 2005-11-01 */ 
	6357a6  Purple  99  87 166   /* 2005-11-02 */ 
	fdef00  Yellow 253 239   0   /* 2005-11-02 */ 
DREAMWEAVER does not format HTML the way I want
Find the file
C:\Program Files (x86)\Macromedia\Dreamweaver 3\Configuration\SourceFormat.txt
and edit it with great care. Changes do not take effect until Dreamweaver is restarted.

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